From an Indian viewpoint

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This thanksgiving we went to San Diego for Sea World and Legoland. And I got to try out Canon A520 camera. It is a good bargain (got it for < $160 @ I don't think one can go wrong at this price for a 4MP camera. It is lightweight and small. Needs only 2 AAA batteries. (Although the ones that came with camera ran out within a day, ~60 shots with LCD turned on)

I was used to Canon film SLR camera and first thing that struck me with (low end) Digital Camera like A520 is time lag between 2 consecutive pictures is huge! I mean, it is almost like 2 seconds between clicking a photo, it getting stored in the SD card, being displayed on the screen as preview, charging if flash is on, and clicking next photo. It seems like eternity particularly when trying to take pictures of kids. They are hardly stationary. Here is an example. To take the following photo, I had to struggle so hard.

She would jump faster than I could take photo. I had to literally guess her jump and take the photo! It worked, but after lot of tries. Is this how professional get fantastic pictures - by guessing? ;-) Posted by Picasa